The idea behind this website is to try to dispel, or maybe prove, the 'only 90 left on the road' statement which is often seen on adverts for these cars. When I bought my car I was told that there was a register online where the information could be looked up and verified - there wasn't.

Since buying the car I've seen a few adverts on Ebay and other sites using the same 'only 90 left' line. Contacting some of the sellers to ask where they got this information, I was given a variety of sources from "my pal who works for the DVLA" to "I rang Subaru" and of course the "website on the internet where you can look it up".

The howmanyleft.co.uk website is a great resource, however when you know there are only 300 editions of a car made in 2001/2002 and they list 327 of them on the road in 2005 and 5 new registrations the same year... you know something isn't right!

As I build websites for a living, I realised how easy it'd be to actually set up this register and allow other UK300 owners to submit their details, perhaps keep track of a more accurate figure of how many of these cars are still on the road and hopefully help prospective buyers.